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Password must be at least 8 characters long, include uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. A Fun and Open 3D Web Experience isn't about funding our founders' living expenses. It's about creating a unique 3D web experience accessible from any device. Here, you can unleash your creativity without limitations imposed by commercial interests or shrinking virtual machine resources.

While the fantastical elements might seem unreal, just like unicorns and nyan cats, offers something valuable: a space for free, open expression.

Why Fundraising? The Hidden Costs of a Free Service

Maintaining requires real-world resources. The 3D world runs on powerful computers in vast server farms, consuming significant energy and requiring maintenance. These servers rely on internet infrastructure, data transfer, and various middlewares.

Even trickier are the fees set by server owners for seemingly intangible things like domain names and IP addresses. Additionally, keeping the service online 24/7 involves constant monitoring and occasional physical intervention by technicians.

Supporting Our Passion Project

We are passionate about building, and we believe in the value of open-source creation. You can even replicate yourself!

This project is more than charity; it's about contributing to a more collaborative and less consumerist online environment.

Your Contribution Makes a Difference

This fundraising campaign isn't just about us. By supporting, you're supporting an open web free from the control of big tech corporations. In turn, this empowers creators and users who are often left behind by app store payment processors.

Join us in pushing the boundaries of the web and fostering a more imaginative online space. Donate today and help us move the cogs, pump the blood, and drive the vehicle of human imagination on the web!!!