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Exploring Potential

Similar to the early days of social networks, our initial focus is on exploring the vast potential of 3D digital environments. We are committed to pushing boundaries and experimenting with innovative ways to enhance online interactions, without being confined by a rigid, predefined vision. yolo.cx champions an open web-first approach, ensuring our platform is interoperable and seamlessly integrates with the broader digital ecosystem.

User-Driven Evolution

Our strategy involves a dynamic, user-driven approach to development. By engaging early adopters and incorporating their feedback, yolo.cx aims to evolve in ways that most effectively serve the community's needs and desires, solidifying our vision in the process. This evolution is underpinned by our commitment to creating a multi-device, immersive experience that is as inclusive as it is innovative.

Growth Through Learning

We understand that real-world application and user engagement are crucial to refining our concept. As such, we prioritize learning from every interaction and feedback loop, allowing these insights to guide our journey and sharpen our focus. yolo.cx is designed with interoperability at its heart, embracing the fluidity of the open web to foster a community that is both diverse and dynamic.

Investment Opportunity

We invite investors to join us at this ground-floor opportunity, to be part of a project with the flexibility and foresight to adapt and thrive in the fast-paced digital arena. Your investment will not just fuel the development of yolo.cx but will also support the cultivation of a vision that resonates deeply with our users’ evolving needs. With yolo.cx, we're not just building a platform; we're shaping the future of immersive, multi-device, interoperable, open web-first experiences.

Questions & Answers


Curious about the immersive 3D worlds of Yolo.cx?

Whether you're exploring the possibilities of creating your own virtual space, delving into the soundscape, or integrating video and photography, we're here to help. Dive deeper into the platform's features, capabilities, and how to make the most of your experience. Ask away and let's unlock the full potential of Yolo.cx together!

Ask Questions!

What is it?

Yolo.cx offers a multiuser, multidevice 3D world accessible via web browsers compatible with WebGL, designed to deliver an immersive experience for head-mounted device users through WebXR-supported browsers for full VR realms. However, it's also fully accessible on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and even wearables like smartwatches.

What can I do in Yolo.cx?

In Yolo.cx, you can create your own 3D world by designing a 3D scene. This includes using predefined or your own 3D models, from ground models that react to the physics engine to models that you can drag and drop into the scene. The world creator also allows you to customize additional features, such as sky color, environmental sky and lighting, various lighting options, gravity settings, metadata, and visibility and ownership settings.

Does it support sound?

Yolo.cx is in its early stages of development, and we are currently working on the soundscape. Users can already add sound by dragging and dropping audio files or recording their own voice memos directly into the scene. The soundscape will be integrated into the world creator, offering enhanced audio features. This includes spatial audio, and the use of the WebAudio API for procedurally generated ambiances or instruments

What about video and photography?

Similar to 3D models, the scene also supports other media types, including video and still images. Users can add footage or a gallery of images by dragging and dropping them, or by using the camera built into their device. Combined with audio recording capabilities, this opens up a variety of possibilities, from creating audio-visual spaces to documenting events or transforming it into a social media 3D space.

There's More to Explore and Play

Users can connect through chat, as well as audio and voice features powered by the WebRTC API, transforming Yolo.cx into a real-time, multiplayer open space. This enables creators to build, entertain, and socialize in ways that are significantly enhanced by XR devices.

Support our journey and help us bring this vision to life. Visit our crowdfunding page to learn more and become a part of the Yolo.cx community.

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